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Strange Garage Door Problem?
My garage door often, but not always, will not close at night. During the day, it works fine. But, at night, the door will close to within about 10 inches of the floor then reverse and re-open. The lights on the opener will then flash four times (its a Craftsman) as if there is something blocking its way. (The path is actually clear of obstructions.) Any thoughts?

Posted by Charles

Admin: It could just be the sensors on it are going bad. I had to finally call a garage door repair man to come out to fix mine. Mine was doing the same thing. Did you try holding down the button on the wall that closes it?(not the remote one but the wall one) I use to have to hold mine down and keep holding it until it closed all the way. Hope that works.


Whats the best way to repair a garage door with water damage to the bottom portion of the door?

Posted by Thomas

Admin: You may be able to buy a replacement panel, but I *think* they are expensive.

Depends on what the door is made of and how handy you are. You may be able to buy the material yourself and replace it yourself. If the material is cut to size I tend to think it’s just a matter of drilling some holes & adding the hardware, but you may need to be extra careful if the cables attach to this part of the door.

You’ll need a good reliable way to support the door while you do this.

Do your best to call the manufacturer about the door and ask them about the panels first……and then go the do-it-yourself route as a last resort.

That’s an option as opposed to calling the company and having them send someone, but check all your options first and then go from there.