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Is it cheaper to fix the garage door opener or have a new one installed?

Posted by Adam

Admin: Garage door maintenance and repair is an important act, one which must be followed by all garage owners. Garage doors may stop functioning properly due to many reasons and of these one of the main reasons is due to faulty garage door openers. Many people wonder whether they should get their garage door opener fixed in case of a fault or should rather get a new one installed? Well let’s find out which one is cheaper:

While the exact cost of fixing the garage door opener may depend upon the fault, but in most cases, getting a new one installed seems like a cheaper deal than getting it repaired. Replacement cost is generally high considering the service charges, repair tool charges etc. whereas in the case of new garage door openers, the overall cost is much less.


Garage Door Opener Repairs?
GeniePro screw drive garage door opener.
My door opener is not operating properly. It seems the signal is getting distorted. When I press the remote to OPEN …I now must hold the button down or the door immediately begins to close. Also the fixed wall button must be held in or the door won’t properly respond to commands..any help appreciated.

Posted by George

Admin: If you’ve got a garage door, there are many things that can and should be done to keep your door operating smoothly and safely. If your door is more than a few years old, and has not had any service done on it, you may already be damaging your garage door motor and door, not to mention the noise.