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Garage Door Repair Cost

Questions and Answers

Generally, how much does repairing a garage door cost?
i hit my garage door with my car.
now it’s dented, and one of the panels doesn’t meet the other.
so, how much would repairing it, or replacing it cost me?

Posted by William

Admin: Depends on size and make insulated or not? single car door 300 to 400 double car 400 to 550 including labor. depending what area you live! this an estimate for repairs.


What is the cost to repair a garage door?
Double car/door – two torsion springs: (207x2x24) & (218x2x24.5).

Rollers, nylon: ten – long stem 7 1/2″.

I’m sure I got hosed but not sure how hosed. Labor alone was $300 for about 90 minutes to replace both springs & 10 rollers. I tried to price the above items on-line with no luck.

Location – Southern California.

Thank you.

Admin: That actually sounds like a fair price for replacing (2) torsion springs and (10) rollers with labor included. It’s important to note here that there are cheaper torsion springs on the market but it’s all about life cycle. Cheaper torsion springs are rated for far fewer cycles (one cycle = door fully opened and closed) and will therefore break much sooner than higher priced/higher cycle springs. Example, many lower priced torsion springs are around the 10,000 cycle range. Everything we stock (that would fall into the price range you mentioned) is rated for more than 10,000 cycles. Just a little FYI. 🙂