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Garage Door Opener Repair?
Auto Garage Door Opener open today but doesn’t close. I can hear to motor is running but nothing happen. The door is stuck in the up position. I pull the release cord to close the door but the chain still not moving. I pull the plug on the garage door opener and plug it back in. The chain start moving back and forth(just for few inches) and won’t stop. The door manual open and close no problems. When it’s in the down position; it stay down. When it’s in the up position it stay up. I don’t think the problems is from the reel or door itself. The spring looks fine. I guess it might be the gear but I don’t know anything about the garage door. Is it a self-fix problem or I have to hire someone? Is there any recommendation for garage door opener company in Edmonton area? Here is the link for what actually happen.

Posted by Robert

Admin: How old is opener?  I think this unit uses a belt. If it does you might look for a short in the push button wire, a stuck limit switch inside the operator case, or a stuck button on a remote control. This is very likely if opener starts as soon as you plug it in without pushing the button.(especially if the door reverses at the same place every time) Good Luck ! E-mail us if you want. Pull plug before opening case.


Garage door repair or should i fix it and how?
I backed up into the garage door and we are staying in some apartments and i was wondering what i can do to take out the little dents and scrapes? and how much it would cost for a pro to do it? and also on the wood holding the garage door to the building it split and came off WHAT DO I DO?

Posted by Michael

Admin: Search online, you need to get it fixed right, and not be playing around with something that you did, if it was your place and had the time to play aruond and try how to learn how to repair , plus most likely there insurance, will have to be called. just pay some reliable company to get the job done so you will feel great knowing you made the owner happy. good luck drive safe!!!