Garage Door Repair Simi Valley

Garage Door Repair Simi Valley an excellent company to know about if you have a new set of garage doors. They offer their customers a complete garage door service from start to finish. They are experienced in all types of garage doors. Their staff and installers will make sure that you have a memorable experience. They have a reputation for taken care of all their work in a proper and timely manner.

If you are adding a new garage to your home, their friendly sales staff will show you the latest and most popular styles. Everything will be explained to you in detail. This will provide you with the confidence that you have made a wide decision in choosing Garage Door Repair Simi Valley.

One of the things that Garage Door Repair Simi Valley will stress to you is to have a regular inspection and maintenance done every year on your new garage doors. It does not matter what type of garage doors you have. They can be a chain-drive, a belt-drive, or screw drive door opening system. All garage doors require a yearly lubrication to ensure their smooth operation.

Some of the simple maintenance duties that a homeowner will want to have done is to inspect the tracks and look for any debris that will hinder the rollers from rolling smoothly. If here is debris, simply wipe it out with a damp cloth or use a vacuum if necessary.

A key maintenance tip is to lubricate the doors rollers with a 10-30 engine oil. Place a drop or two on each roller. Then roll the door up and down so the oil penetrates into the rollers bearings. Never use grease. Grease will collects debris and will gum up the track. A few simple maintenance tricks will keep your doors rolling along for years.