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Garage door repair help?
I have a garage door that I believe has hard insulation/foam and some of the bolts are popping out of the brackets. When I go to tighten them they catch to a certain point then just spin like the holes have been bored open (I was careful not to over tighten) is it possible to put anchors in? I honestly can’t afford to have someone come look at it so if I can get by with anchors till I can that would be great. Any ideas?

Posted by Ben


The very first thing you want to do is CAREFULLY inspect what you’ve got.
Is is square? Is it level? Are the dimensions correct?
Frequently, the reason something like a garage door doesn’t work right is poor installation. Over time, the little flaw causes stress on another component, and it looks like the problem is with the failed component, but repair of that component doesn’t give the desired results.

Take notes when you do your inspection. The building inspector would, and he’s looking at things that mean nothing to him personally. You should do at least as good a job on your own belongings.



How to repair garage door opener?
Can a garage door opener be repaired if the problem is in the rev counter?
The garage door will only move 4-6 inches when the button is pushed.
Can I repair it myself ( I am handy with tools) If not will it be cheaper to buy a new opener and install myself or call someone to fix the existing door.
I have a challenger 9300 15 years old.

Posted by Rolly

Admin: Your operator has no rev counter. Does it have safety beams? Will the chain run back and forth normally with the door disconnected from it? If you have beams are the red lights on? Sometimes the plastic limits that are clipped to the chain get messed up. The safety reverse is run mechanically using two micro switches inside the housing. These switches sometimes fail. The switches will be either on the circuit board or on the inside of the metal plate that the light bulb is fastened to on the outside. E-mail us if you want.