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Repairs And Maintenance For Local Garage Door Simi Valley

If your garage door is not opening properly, does not seem to be well-aligned or is simply broken, your best option is to contact a business that specializes in garage door maintenance and repairs. You might be tempted to try fixing the issue by yourself but this could be difficult and even dangerous.

Local garage door Simi Valley professionals offer a number of services. They can for instance replace borken parts in your garage door, install a new opening mechanism or replace the spring if it is broken, which can be a dangerous repair since there is a lot of pressure packed in this spring.
They can also re-align your door, which is sometimes necessary, especially if your door is a few years old. Weather conditions and simple wear and tear on your garage door can throw the alignment off, which can lead to the door making noises or not opening properly. If this is the case, you need to have a local garage door Simi Valley professional re-align your door since this could lead to some damages to the opening mechanisms.

It is sometimes best to replace your garage door. A garage door that does not work properly can be a safety risk or you might simply want a more modern door with more features, such as an automated opening mechanism with a remote. You might also want a new door for aesthetic reasons.

Take the time to contact different specialists in your area. Ask about the services they offer, tell them more about the issues you are encountering with your garage door and make sure they are properly licensed and insured. It is also best to check online reviews and making sure you are dealing with a registered business before hiring a garage door repairman.

About Garage Door

Questions and Answers

Garage door repair help?
I have a garage door that I believe has hard insulation/foam and some of the bolts are popping out of the brackets. When I go to tighten them they catch to a certain point then just spin like the holes have been bored open (I was careful not to over tighten) is it possible to put anchors in? I honestly can’t afford to have someone come look at it so if I can get by with anchors till I can that would be great. Any ideas?

Posted by Ben


The very first thing you want to do is CAREFULLY inspect what you’ve got.
Is is square? Is it level? Are the dimensions correct?
Frequently, the reason something like a garage door doesn’t work right is poor installation. Over time, the little flaw causes stress on another component, and it looks like the problem is with the failed component, but repair of that component doesn’t give the desired results.

Take notes when you do your inspection. The building inspector would, and he’s looking at things that mean nothing to him personally. You should do at least as good a job on your own belongings.


How to repair garage door opener?
Can a garage door opener be repaired if the problem is in the rev counter?
The garage door will only move 4-6 inches when the button is pushed.
Can I repair it myself ( I am handy with tools) If not will it be cheaper to buy a new opener and install myself or call someone to fix the existing door.
I have a challenger 9300 15 years old.

Posted by Rolly

Admin: Your operator has no rev counter. Does it have safety beams? Will the chain run back and forth normally with the door disconnected from it? If you have beams are the red lights on? Sometimes the plastic limits that are clipped to the chain get messed up. The safety reverse is run mechanically using two micro switches inside the housing. These switches sometimes fail. The switches will be either on the circuit board or on the inside of the metal plate that the light bulb is fastened to on the outside. E-mail us if you want.

Garage Door Chain

Questions and Answers

Cost to repair a broken garage door chain?
How much should I expect to pay to repair a broken chain on a garage door opener?

Posted by Wack

Admin: Labor rates will vary by area but also, if it were me, I’d want to be certain that a worn out chain was the true reason for the breakage. In all of our years in the business I can only think of few instances when a chain broke for “no reason.” That makes it hard to give an accurate estimate because I can’t be certain if that’s all that needs to be repaired. It’s possible that there’s another problem that lead to the chain breaking and that would need to be repaired as well. Also, the cost of the chain will vary based upon the size of the opener (is it a 7 or 8 ft. residential model or a 14 ft commercial opener). This is very risky 🙂 but just shooting from the hip and assuming everything else is fine and this is a residential unit of some sort, your cost could range from $100 – $125, and that all depends upon what sort of opener and chain you have. Commercial chains are far from “glorified bicycle chains.” They can actually be quite large and expensive.

Garage Door Repair or Replace

Questions and Answers

Should we replace our garage door or repair it?
Our garage door has a lose hinge which keeps on getting detached with the roller from the track every few months. The repairer is saying that we should replace the door. Is it necessary? Our door is 10 years old.

Posted by Risa

Admin:Just for one loose hinge? Heck my door had 5 rollers fall out, bent 3 of the panels (I have a sectional door) bent the crap out of tracks;
and I repaired everything by pounding the door panels back in shape, aligning the tracks & rollers, rewinding the cables back onto the pulleys and replacing the broken tension springs.
That was 3 years ago without anymore problems.
I’d look at why the hinge gets loose; the bolts are screwed in through threaded holes and they are like sheet metal screws so you may need to use bolts with a hex nut & lock washer on the back side to secure it.
My door is 12 years old.

Help repairing garage door opener?
I have Genie screw drive garage door opener and the clip and collar that connects the two halves of the screw broke. The two halves of the screw will still hold together, but the clip and collar keeps them from accidentally sliding apart. is there way to fix this problem without buy a new clip and collar?

Posted by Carl

 Admin:  Are you sure both ends of the screw are intact? I have never seen the clip and collar break but have seen one end of the screw snap off. Sometimes the whole screw will turn with the door disconnected but when the door is attached only part of the screw will move. The only real way to see is to take the joint apart. Have help cause if you drop any part of the track you WILL break the joint. Lets assume it is broken. Any joint is easily replaced unless it is the end of the coming out of the motor. Some Genies had a solid rod going through the motor rotor and some had a coupling joining the motor to the first piece of the screw. Check website to download a free schematic. Genie probably not sell you the part except as a whole track. They say the track pieces are matched pairs but that is not true. If a door place will sell or give you a piece of old track you can most likely substitute it. The old screw simply can be pulled out of the aluminum housing. The clip parts can be reused. The collar goes on and the two ends are positioned together and the collar is slid over the joint. The clip then snaps on to keep the collar from sliding back. I have done this with the opener installed but you might want to do it on the ground, cause again it is easy to break the assembled joint if you drop or bend the track before it is reassembled. Too bad if you are not around Simi Valley cause I have a bunch of these sitting around somewhere.


Garage Door Opener Repair

Questions and Answers

Garage Door Opener Repair?
I have a Crawford 1/3 HP garage door opener. Recently, it will only partially open. Sometimes it opens as far as 3 feet off the ground; other times it will open less than a foot off the ground. The chain DOES move, it just stops moving when the door reaches 1-3 feet off the ground. I have to open and close the door manually now. How can I fix this?

Posted by Rick

Admin: The garage door opener does not actually lift the door, it assists the springs in lifting the door. If you have a large spring on the wall above the door, the brackets on either end of the bar that attach to the track sometimes wear out and the bearing binds on the bar causing the motor to stop. You can try the adjustment screws on the opener, but I don’t know why it would all of the sudden get out of adjustment that much. That spring is under high tension and can be dangerous.

Garage Door Repairs?
My father & I have been working on our double wide garage door. The door & opener is over 10 years old & needs to be replaced but we don’t the money. The door got to the point it wouldn’t even without taking 2 people about 15 minutes to open or close it. We replaced both side rails with brand new ones, both springs have been replaced in the past 2 years, along with the rollers. We straightened & remounted every bracket. Oiled up the rollers, pulleys, etc using the oiling spray designed for garage doors. All of that did fix the problem of it coming off track, and multiple adjustments got it to open without binding up everytime. It still binds occasionally (about 1 out of every 5 times). However the door seems alot heavier one side now than what it did before, and the door still keeps coming down one side faster than the other & vise versa. If we hook it up to the opener to see what it does, it will go up fine but when it comes down, it goes almost all the way down.
Update: It will go down to where it is about 1/2 inch from being all the way down & than automatically goes back up. We have played around with the settings on the opener for sensativity & all hoping to fix the problem, no luck though. It does have equal tension on each side & the pulleys are working fine, as are the rollers. We can’t figure out the problem for the life of us as everything is like it should be. I do know the door was put up pretty crappy & pretty much jerry rigged to work when we moved in & we already had done alot of work to try & fix it. Other than it not coming off track & binding up everytime thats the only thing we’ve accomplished. We can open it manually with 2 people without problem aslong as we open it evenly as it still keeps wanting to come down & go up unevenly, even when operating manually. Any ideas what may be wrong & how to fix it. Keep in mind we don’t have no money to spend on it & CAN NOT CALL A PROFESSIONAL OR GET A WHOLE NEW SET UP(LIKE IT TRULY NEEDS).
Update 2: The springs are equal tension & we have tried the sensitivity & adjustment settings on the opener. The tracks are level. That is the whole problem that we’re running in to is me & my father has brainstormed every day over this & worked on it multiple days, we still can’t even come up with 1 thing that hasn’t already been covered that would cause the problem.

Posted by Marc


OK if indeed you have replaced the pulleys and you have equal tension and the same weight springs on both sides then here’s what i would try next, run the door by hand and when it gets to the point where there is resistance or when it starts to go crooked stop it right there and check to see if you can spin the rollers, mainly right at the bottom of the radius where the door comes close to the jamb. You can also take and spray some lube on the jamb where the door rubs. The biggest thing is that you are sure the pulleys and springs are good just cause you lubed them doesn’t mean there OK, there’s a lot of pressure on those pulleys. Good luck.

Three Essentials For Garage Door Repair Simi Valley CA

Garage Door Repair Simi Valley CAMost garage door repair Simi Valley CA are done on an emergency basis because the sole time attention is paid by people is when something isn’t right together. Most homeowners do not really spend all that time examining the hinges, looking over the doors in their garage every day and watching out for any cracks in the surface. Still, here are some reasons why, and it’s essential that you do take the time to inspect your garage:


Prevention is much better than doing repair. Do not wait until the door of your garage gets jammed – typically there are hints that it’s on its way to wanting a great repair. Your doors could be that the tracks or hinges are succumbing to damage should you see that it are starting to close too slowly for your liking. Doors in garages are employed on a daily basis and they are exposed to the components dirt on rusty hinges or the tracks really can make them less lasting.


The need for inspections will be able to help you ascertain some areas for concern before most people become full blown issues, while they do not see it. Material incompatibility might be discovered from scrutinizing your doors. Some materials like metal or hardwood can be very heavy, and so you’ll need strong hinges to complement. Sometimes, the hinges might be unable to take the strain of the door opening and shutting and are of low quality. Your friendly technician gives you guide on component replacements. Every once in a while might look like a waste of money, but recall that a broken door will set you back more although having a technician test on your own.


Maintenance work does not take a lot of attempt. Performing care on the doors in your garage hinges every now and then, especially during the wintertime and could be as simple as oiling the tracks. Take good care of them and make sure shut or to open them gradually. These mightn’t look much, but these will lengthen its lifespan and put off a visit from the local repair service for as long as possible.

Due to negligence, garage doors can break down at the most inconvenient of times. More than a time-waster, broken doors can put you and your loved ones in danger for intruders. Contact garage door repair Simi Valley CA businesses that specialize in garage door repair to ensure intruders remain durable, strong and secure.

Basic Garage Door Maintenance Tips Simi Valley Garage Door Repair

Basic Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The biggest reason why a lot of people spending hundreds of dollars on garage door repair is because they neglect their garage doors on a regular basis. Every day they open and close it whenever they leave their homes, and again once they return from wherever they’re from, but most won’t even think twice about doing regular maintenance work on them.

Most of the time, garage doors will exhibit signs that they’re not as in shape as they should be. Weird noises, slow movement in opening and closing and garage door jams are just some ways by which you can tell that your garage door needs some attention. However, people are too busy with their lives and simply call in a technician whenever something bad already happens to their garage doors. However, this can all be prevented if you follow these tips:

General cleaning Your garage door is susceptible to the elements, and it’s not surprising that debris, dust and other particles can accumulate in the tracks and hinges, preventing your doors from opening and closing fully. This can be prevented simply by cleaning the hinges, tracks and other parts of the garage door regularly. When you hear a noise when your door opens, it’s probably because something is stuck in the tracks.

Lubrication Aside from dust and debris, your tracks and hinges are also vulnerable to rusting and deformities. Each time your garage door opens and closes, the parts sometimes scrape together, and in some cases, the edges become sharp, jagged and deformed. To keep things running smoothly, make it a point to oil the hinges, tracks and coils of your garage door every now and then. Not only does this make your garage door more efficient, it also lengthens the lifespan of its parts.

Wiring check If you’re using an automated garage door opener, you may need to check on the system every once in a while. This is especially true in cases when you notice that the doors are opening slower than before, or if it stops suddenly every now and then. Check the fuse, circuit breaker, motor and cables to see if they’re in good working condition. If your door is still opening and closing slowly, check the springs to see if they can bear the weight of the garage door panels.

Although there are many things you can do on your own, it’s still probably a good idea to have a garage door technician on-call to conduct professional maintenance on your garage doors every now and then. While this may seem like an added cost on your side, it’s still way cheaper than having to pay for a repairman when your garage door breaks.

Maintenance work requires a bit of attention, care and maybe even money. However, it is still a better option compared to shelling out a lot of money in the future when your garage door gives you problems simply because you didn’t take proper care of it.

Garage Door Repair Simi Valley

Garage Door Repair Simi Valley an excellent company to know about if you have a new set of garage doors. They offer their customers a complete garage door service from start to finish. They are experienced in all types of garage doors. Their staff and installers will make sure that you have a memorable experience. They have a reputation for taken care of all their work in a proper and timely manner.

If you are adding a new garage to your home, their friendly sales staff will show you the latest and most popular styles. Everything will be explained to you in detail. This will provide you with the confidence that you have made a wide decision in choosing Garage Door Repair Simi Valley.

One of the things that Garage Door Repair Simi Valley will stress to you is to have a regular inspection and maintenance done every year on your new garage doors. It does not matter what type of garage doors you have. They can be a chain-drive, a belt-drive, or screw drive door opening system. All garage doors require a yearly lubrication to ensure their smooth operation.

Some of the simple maintenance duties that a homeowner will want to have done is to inspect the tracks and look for any debris that will hinder the rollers from rolling smoothly. If here is debris, simply wipe it out with a damp cloth or use a vacuum if necessary.

A key maintenance tip is to lubricate the doors rollers with a 10-30 engine oil. Place a drop or two on each roller. Then roll the door up and down so the oil penetrates into the rollers bearings. Never use grease. Grease will collects debris and will gum up the track. A few simple maintenance tricks will keep your doors rolling along for years.